How to Monetize a Recipe Website

monetize-blogI’ve been cooking for my family and friends for years. People would ask me for my recipes, so I started compiling them on a website. From there, it started growing and now this blog is my full time job.

Have you thought about using your recipes as a source of income? Here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Pick a Focus

Choose a focus for your website. Are you going to focus on healthy eating? Vegan recipes? Southern style or 5 ingredient meals? Whatever the focus, use that as your ‘selling point’ with new users.

Design your website, your recipes and your layout around the primary focus you’ve chosen.

Membership Has its Privileges

People like belonging to an exclusive group. Offering membership in a ‘members-only’ recipe group can be based on the type of recipes provided, a weekly/monthly meal plan, seasonal planning or other various details.

Find out what people are looking for, and create a meal plan that meets their needs. Charge a monthly fee to users for joining and then provide them with a collection of recipes.

Attract Followers

Use Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or any other social media to attract users and followers. By maintaining constant contact with your followers, you are helping to build your brand and generate interest in your recipes.

Write a Book

Put together a ‘Best of’ book and offer the collection as an e-book. An easily created PDF can be offered as a ‘Thank You’ for joining, sold as a stand-alone product or simply as a giveaway when someone signs up for your mailing list.

Use Affiliate Marketing

Along with your recipes, make a listing of equipment used during cooking. Set up affiliate links with companies such as Amazon, and then link your site to your affiliate. When users click through and purchase the item, you earn a commission. Partnering with Amazon or other affiliate provides allows you to make money easily and without any additional effort on your part. Be cautious of using this method, however. Affiliate fraud can steal revenues from you before you even earn a profit.

As the victim of affiliate fraud, you may be experiencing high patterns of visitor traffic or click through patterns that are designed to trick merchants into paying commissions. As fraud expert Monica Cardone explains, sales and commissions are diverted from the merchant (you) to the fraudster. As a result, you may actually be losing money as customers and potential buyers are diverted elsewhere.

It’s Time to Get Started

Finding ways to make money with your recipes isn’t easy. Focus more on providing your followers with recipes that are both delicious and convenient. When you’ve established yourself as a reliable source, making money from your website won’t be far off.