Salmon Teriyaki and Miso Soup

I do not think that we have enough fish consumed in our diet. Don’t know why. May be because I grew up in Hong Kong where fish were bought fresh, fresh in the sense that they were alive in the fish tank and killed by fish monger immediately after you bought it. Continue reading

Buttermilk Bran Muffins

Hooray! It’s the first long weekend of this year. I can finally have time to do my new blog post, plus tons of other housework. This is one of the ways to enjoy my personal time. I mean the blogging part, not the housework.

Whenever we have time on weekends, we like to make a big deal for breakfast. I personally not a big fan of big breakfast but N likes his to be like a brunch. I enjoy the making of it. Pancakes with sausages, waffles, scones, are our favorites. Yesterday, however, instead of making the usual with butter, I, for the first time, used applesauce as a baking ingredient for muffins. Continue reading

Zucchini two ways: Saute Zucchini with Corn, Zucchini with Dill

I did not hate vegetables when I was a kid. But I was not really fond of them either. I just did not have any special feeling about them. They were just there in every meals, as an essential dish in a traditional Chinese meal. And the ways that they were cooked by my mom were very similar; stir-fry plain by itself or with some meats, adding some soy sauce or oyster for seasoning, or adding salt only. Sometimes, my mom also liked to boil, not steam, the vegetables in some flavored broth or salted water. When they were tendered, just poured some soy sauce or oyster sauce on top. That is the quickest and easiest way to make cooked veggies Chinese style. Continue reading

Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan

Since I have gone back to work, time is becoming more precious. On a working day, I can hardly find time to make any special food for dinner. Our week night dinner is filled with quick stir-fry, pasta, and weekend leftover. Although quick and simple food are delicious too, sometimes you just want a little more spice in your daily life. Continue reading

Back to Work Granola

How to make my work day a bit more fun? How to settle my growling stomach in the office? I need some sweet and healthy snacks! This granola is perfect for breakfast or snack at any time. It is with different varieties of nuts, maple syrup and honey as sweetener, and just 2 Tbsp of butter. I have been experimenting with different proportion of dry ingredients, sweeteners and oil for a long time. Continue reading

No Title

For the past month, I have been living in my dream world.  Cooking, baking, making food looks pretty and taking pictures of pretty food, sharing those pictures with others. It has been so much joy.  But somehow, incident just happens that pull one back to the reality. An opportunity came. It was one of those that you would regret and feel guilty about it if you do not take it. It was a no-brainer decision. Continue reading

West Lake Beef Soup

Usually when I have no idea what to cook for dinner or if I need to whip up something really quickly, I go for Chinese food. You can almost stir fry any type of vegetables, put some meat in, and you have a dish in no time. But Chinese soup is different. The ones that my mom likes to make, with meat, vegetables and Chinese herbs, usually take 2 to 3 hours to simmer. And it is said that those type of soup have medical value. Continue reading

Linguine with Clam Sauce

Sometimes the lazy bugs just creep all over me. Over the Easter long weekend, we did not do our scheduled spring clean up, we did not fix our desperate looking plants in the front yard, we did not go for long walks with Yogi. I did not even have to cook. My MIL made a wonderful Easter dinner, as usual. And we had turkey leftover for a few meals. Finally getting tired of the leftover, we had to cook something, but no one wanted to go for grocery shopping. We took a look at what we had in the pantry, we found canned clams. Great! N likes clams sauce pasta, he even likes to cook it himself. So, this time N was the master chef and I was the sous chef. Continue reading

Chicken Fajitas and Guacamole

Sometimes I am reluctant to try new recipes, especially if I have a recipe that I like and approved by N. Anytime I try a new recipe, I have to have a backup plan. What if the picky eaters in the family do not like it? They will have nothing to eat. So, I buy more bread, or prepare a second dish, just in case. If it is a complicated recipe, it has to be coming from a trusted and reliable source. One of the reliable sources is the Cook’s Illustrated Magazine. I have several of their cookbooks, I subscribe to their magazine and their website and I watch their TV shows. I like that they tell you why something works and something does not work. And the outcome after you put in so much effort, is very good and approved by everyone in the family most of the time. But, the downside is that, their recipes usually involve a lot more steps than other recipes of the same dishes. They are definitely not 30-mins meals, although they do come up with a cookbook just for quick meal. Continue reading

Katharine Hepburn’s Brownies

I remember the time that I was not really fond of sweet food. Growing up in Hong Kong, dessert was never an important part of the meal. The sweetest food that my mom ever made was the red beans or mung beans soup. And I kept on asking her not to put too much sugar in, otherwise I would not eat it. But even at that time, when it came to chocolate, I did not treat it as dessert or candy. It is “chocolate”. A special class of food.

After coming to Canada, my taste palate changed. After getting married, my taste palate changed even more. Although I still do not like food that is too sweet, I do love dessert and crave for it very often. And my love for chocolate is even stronger, as N goes for anything with chocolate. But, as much as I love sweets, I am trying to exercise the principel of moderation, not to go overboard with it. Continue reading